Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Its almost time...


Its almost time.  Almost time for you to know exactly what I've prayed you would know for 20 long months, since the moment I first laid eyes on you.  You are going to feel and know the love of a family.  They have given you a new name, Sophie, and I'm sure it will suit you perfectly but I admit I'm having a hard time getting used to it. I hear that your new family will be coming for you soon after Christmas.  How exciting!  I would be lying if said I wasn't just a little sad.  I have loved watching you grow at New Day.  I have loved praying over you and enjoyed every minute I was able to call you "my" sponsor child.  There are two little boys in my house who still talk about "Hope." Lincoln has an extra special place in his heart for you and still can't look at a Target ad without picking out the girly things he wants to buy for "Hope" in China :) You've had a powerful impact on our hearts and our lives, little one.  Lincoln, Sully & I will never be the same because we've been blessed with the opportunity to love you.  What a gift!  I can't begin to imagine how excited your Mommy and Daddy must be as they wait these last few days to weeks until they wrap their arms around you, but I think about how wonderful that moment will be for you often.  I pray a beautiful future is laid out before you, sweet one.  May your life be filled with love and joy and maybe someday, in God's perfect timing and infinite wisdom,...some special nevus friends like Sully, Lincoln & I.



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